Bryophyta Gear Guide and Strategies

Similar to Obor, this Mossy Giant boss can be accessed by using a Mossy Key from any Moss Giant in game on the doors of the lair at the end of the Varrock Sewers. She can also be taken on by F2P players.

Bryophyta - Free-to-play Melee Guide

The Bryophyta fight is fairly simple, her main attack is magic based so you want to use the Protection from Magic prayer and any other offensive prayers you have available.

During the fight, Bryophyta will spawn three Growthlings. While these Growthlings are alive, Bryophyta is immune to damage so you must kill all three before switching your attacks back to Bryophyta.

To kill the Growthlings – you must attack them down to around 10% health and then use an axe or secateurs on them. If you don’t have an axe, there is one available to pickup from a pile of logs in Bryophyta’s lair.

Bryophyta Video Guide