OSRS Chaos Elemental Gear Guide And Strategies

Arguably the most frustrating boss in OSRS, the Chaos Ele boss uses all three attack styles, teleports you away and takes off your armour. Hovering around the Rogue’s Castle in the far reaches of the wilderness, you’ll have to be prepared before facing it.

Chaos Ele - Veracs Melee Guide

The Chaos Elemental fight is a fairly simple one. It’s primary attack can deal either melee, magic or ranged damage and it’s impossible to predict – but it does hit with it’s Magic attack more frequently so you should use the Protection from Magic prayer.

Watch out for it’s Teleport attack and it’s Disarm attack – which are more annoying than they are threatening – however they can distract you from the real threat at the Chaos Elemental which is PKers. Keep your health high and stay on the lookout.

Chaos Ele Video Guide