OSRS Sara Gear Guide And Strategies

The leader of Saradomin’s forces, Zilyana, is found in the south-east area of the God Wars Dungeon.

Sara - Ranged Guide

While the tactics for Commander Zilyana are a little more involved than the other God Wars Dungeon bosses, once you get some practice it will start to come naturally. when you enter the room, use the protect from magic prayer and immediately run to the wall. As Zilyana starts to approach you, attack with your ranged weapon and immediately retreat along the wall, while simultaneously attacking. Once you reach the corner, allow Zilyana to get a little closer and then attack again, whilst running along the next wall.

In this manner, you can take 0 damage from Zilyana, and you will only take damage from the ranged minion.

Sara Video Guide

Sara - Veracs Melee Guide

Using melee at Commander Zilyana is really not recommended unless you’re in a group, but making use of Verac’s ability to hit through high defence does make it viable. Ideally, you have a group of three players all using Veracs to make this method most effective.

You should use protect from magic prayer and focus on trying to down Zilyana as quickly as possible, before switching to the minions.

Sara Video Guide