Crazy Archaeologist

The Crazy Archaeologist is an insane mage demi-boss found within the deep wilderness, south of the Forgotten Cemetery.

With a combat level of only 204, the Crazy Archaeologist is a low-level boss suitable for lower levelled players. His drop table is not particularly good apart from the Odium and Malediction shards, which themselves are now quite cheap. He is, however, one of the few bosses to drop a Rune Crossbow – a coveted drop for Ironmen looking to avoid the fletching grind.

Similar to the Chaos Fanatic, the Crazy Archaeologist has one particular attack which you need to watch out for. He will throw books which will explode at your feet and deal AoE damage. When you see this attack incoming, you should run a few squares in any direction to avoid the splash damage.

The most common tactic to use at the Crazy Archaeologist is to use a Magic setup, making sure to only have a maximum of four expensive items to ensure you can keep them if you are killed by a PKer.

Notable Drops

Crazy Archaeologist - Magic Guide

The quickest way to get to the Crazy Archaeologist is to use the Ghorrock Teleport on the ancients spellbook.

Whilst using the Protection from Ranged prayer and staying at a distance, as long as you successfully avoid his explosive book attacks you should take very little damage. Like most of the other Wilderness bosses, the main threat at the Crazy Archaeologist is the threat of PKers. Always be on the lookout.

Crazy Archaeologist Video Guide


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The Burning Amulet can be used for it’s various Wilderness teleports and the Royal Seed Pod can be replaced by any other one-click teleport which works beyond level 30 Wilderness like a Slayer Ring or Dragonstone Jewellery.


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