Giant Mole Gear Guide and Strategies

Equipped with a spade and a light source, you can burrow below the Falador Park and fight the Giant Mole boss. This large creature is popular for its Mole Claw & Mole Skin 100% drops, which can be swapped with Wyson the Gardener for Bird Nests.

Giant Mole - Dharoks Guide

The fight against the Giant Mole is an easy one – using the Dharoks method you want to use your Dwarven Rock Cake to bring your HP down to 1 to maximize¬†your damage output. You can then use the Protection from Melee Prayer to ensure that you don’t take any damage, and simply chase the Mole around the caves and do as much damage as possible.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to kill the Giant Mole in just a few hits with your Dharoks, if not you may find yourself running around for a couple of minutes while the giant Mole annoyingly digs himself around the caves.

Giant Mole Video Guide