Once the highest levelled monster in the game - before the arrival of Jad - the Kalphite Queen is not to be messed with. You can find her lair in the north-west corner of the Kharidian Desert.

KQ - Veracs Guide

Using Veracs at the Kalphite Queen is fairly simple. You simply need to use the Protection from Magic prayer and kill her as fast as possible.

The Kalphite Queen has two phases, the first phase uses two prayers – Protection from Magic and Protection from Missiles, meaning melee is really the only viable method for this Phase.

During Phase two, the Kalphite Queen uses the Protection from Melee prayer, meaning you would normally switch to Ranged or Magic gear, but as Veracs allows you to hit through prayer you can utilise Veracs for both phases.

You can utilize the ‘step under’ technique in order to take less hits from┬áthe Kalphite Queen. What you should do is hit her twice, then immediately┬árun under her so that she is unable to attack you until one of you move. This will give you a couple of seconds to eat if you need to, and then jump out from under her and immediately return to attacking.

KQ Video Guide