OSRS Kraken Gear Guide And Strategies

The Kraken Cove, where the Kraken boss lives, is found in Piscatoris, the area north of Eagles’ Peak. Despite the smaller Cave Krakens having a better drop-rate for the Trident, Kraken is an incredibly popular boss with important unique items. But if you’re not on task, you better ‘leave m’Kraken!’

Kraken - Magic Tank Guide

The Kraken fight itself is very simple. In order to entice the Kraken out of the water, you must first attack each of the four small whirlpools. Attacking these whirlpools once with your ranged weapon will spawn an enormous tentacle. Do this four times to spawn all four tentacles and the switch back to your magic weapon and start dealing damage to the Kraken boss.

Ensure you use Augury or Mystic Might to maximise magic defence and DPS.

Kraken Video Guide