Requirements - 1 x Giant Key

Obor is a free-to-play Hill Giant boss found within his lair in the Edgeville Dungeon.

A giant key, acquired as a rare drop from regular Hill Giants or Cyclops (1/128 chance) is required to access his lair and is consumed on each use, meaning you can kill Obor one time for every key you have.

Obor is the only monster to drop the Hill Giant Club, the Best in Slot crush weapon for free-to-play players. This club is one of the most expensive items in free-to-play and has a drop-rate of 1 in 118.

Notable Drops

Obor - Free-to-play Melee Guide

Obor has two main attacks – Melee and Ranged. If you choose to use the Protection from Melee prayer, Obor will only use his Ranged attack and vice-versa – it’s therefor not really worth the prayer points to use any Protection prayers during this fight, you will however want to use any offensive melee prayer you have at your disposal.

One important thing to note is that Obor has a special attack which will throw you across the room. To negate this, you should stand up against a wall while attacking him.

Obor Video Guide


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