The Barrows Brothers

AKA - Barrows

The Barrows is one of the most iconic challenges in Old School Runescape. Added way back in 2005, the Barrows and the new gear it brought to the game changed everything. The Barrows introduced new best in slot armour and weapons for every style of combat in the game, most of which are still sought-after items to this day.

The Barrows can be found to the east of Mort’ton. Originally the route to Barrows was a very long and tedious trail from Canifis, through the Mort Myre swamp – however other quicker methods have since been introduced to the game which shortens the travel time considerably. The Arceuus Spellbook features a Barrows Teleport spell, unlocked at 83 magic which is the fastest route. Players that do not meet the requirements to use the spell can use Barrows Teleport tablets, which can be bought at the Grand Exchange.

There are no requirements for Barrows other than needing access to the swamp area in Morytania, which requires the Priest in Peril quest to be completed and the Nature Spirit quest to be started.

While the Barrows can be completed with very low stats, the recommended minimum stats are as follows:

50 Magic with 55 Slayer for Slayer Dart or 50 Magic with 50 Attack and completion of Underground Pass for Iban’s Staff.

61 Ranged for a Rune Crossbow or 75 Ranged for a Toxic Blowpipe.

60 Attack for a Dragon Scimitar or 70 Attack for an Abyssal Whip.

You will primarily be using Magic attacks against all Barrows Brothers except Ahrim. Interestingly, due to their incredibly low Magic Defence you do not need to wear Magic Gear in order to successfully hit them with your spells. For this reason, you only need your Magic Staff. The only reason to take any other Magic Gear is to boost your Magic Damage stat, which will increase your max hit with your spells. Some examples of items that boost your Magic Damage are the Mage Arena Capes or the Occult Necklace. You can view a full list of Magic Damage boosting gear over on our Gear Table.

The Barrows Brothers

Ahrim the Blighted – Ahrim uses Magic, is weak to Ranged and his special ability will drain your stats.

Dharok the Wretched – Dharok uses Melee, is weak to Magic and his special ability grants him higher strength as his hit points come closer too 0.

Guthan the Infested – Guthan uses Melee, is weak to Magic and his special ability has a chance to heal his own health on a successful attack.

Karil the Tainted – Karil uses Ranged, is weak to Melee and his special ability has a chance to reduce your agility level.

Torag the Corrupted – Torag uses Melee, is weak to Magic and his special ability has a chance to reduce your run energy.

Verac the Defiled – Verac uses Melee, is weak to Magic and his special ability has a chance of ignoring a players Protection prayers.

Notable Drops

Barrows - Low Level Guide

The low-level guide for completion for The Barrows is pretty simple. Due to the very low magic defences of the six Barrows Brothers, it is recommended to use Magic. Their magic defence is so low infact that you don’t even need to wear magic armour in order to hit them, so you should instead utilise your best in slot melee armour combined with a Magic staff.


Barrows Video Guide


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Combat Stats

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Equipment / Inventory Notes:  

As Magic Gear is not necessary for 5 of the 6 Barrows Brothers, Graceful is just a suggestion that will increase your kills per hour by boosting your run energy. You could swap out the Graceful for other basic armour like Rune or Dragonhide. The melee gear in your inventory is just used for increasing your kill count within the catacombs below the Barrows.


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