OSRS Venenatis Gear Guide And Strategies

East of the Bone Yard, there are some spooky cobwebs: in the middle, Venenatis. This huge spider boss attacks Magic & Melee, can drain prayer, stun you and hit up to 50. Venenatis is, like Callisto, immune to Magic damage.

Venenatis - Melee Veracs Guide

The overall strategy for the Venenatis fight is pretty simple when utilising Veracs. First off, when she spawns you want to lure her into a multi-way combat zone – as Venenatis will only take partial damage while in a single-way combat zone.

You want to use the Protection from Magic prayer in order to protect yourself from her magic attacks and give partial protection from her web attacks. You simply then just have to keep your health high enough to avoid being one-hit by her powerful melee attacks, and watch out for PKers.

Venenatis Video Guide