OSRS Vorkath Gear Guide And Strategies

Dragon Slayer II’s penultimate boss is the three-legged undead dragon Vorkath. Completion of the quest is required to face the boss again, in stronger form. After your 50th kill, you are guaranteed Vorkath’s Head, which can be used to upgrade your Ava’s device.

Vorkath - Void Melee Guide

Void Melee at Vorkath utilises the Zamorakian Hasta to take advantage of Vorkath’s weakness to stab. The Hasta be combined with a Dragonfire Shield to fully protect you from Vorkath’s dragon breath, however simply using a Super Antifire combined with the Protect from Magic prayer will protect you from most of the damage, which frees up your off-hand to use a Defender and increase your overall DPS.

Special Attacks – Void melee at Vorkath without the use of a Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword to reduce his defences is not recommended. You may find the kills simply take too long without them. Using a Restoration Pool in a player-owned house in between kills will allow you to go into each fight with 100% special attack energy.

Vorkath Video Guide

Vorkath - Void Range Guide

Void Range at Vorkath utilises the Dragonhunter Crossbow to take advantage of Vorkath’s weakness to ranged attacks. The Dragonhunter Crossbow is by far the most effective weapon against Vorkath and anyone looking to grind Vorkath for any significant amount of time should consider this method. This method is more reliable as it doesn’t rely on hitting Vorkath with any defence-reducing special attacks.

Bolts – The best combination of Bolts to maximise DPS at Vorkath is to use Dragon Ruby Bolts (e) for the first 50% of the kill, followed by Dragon Diamond Bolts (e) for the remainder of the kill.

Special Attacks – You should use the special attack of the Toxic Blowpipe whenever you need a bit of extra healing.