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We’re Hiring!

As we continue to ramp up our efforts here and improve all aspects of the site, it’s become clear that we could definitely use some help in keeping things going. I think it’s important for a website going forward that it has the right team behind it – a team that is passionate about the game and about what the site can bring to the players as a resource.

For that reason – there are a couple of positions I’m currently looking to fill. 

  • Web Designer – For the longest time we’ve been re-using assets from the osrs website. I’d like to get a graphic/web designer on board who can help us design a more modern website.
  • Writer / Blogger (multiple) – The blog here on the site is under-utilized and I’d like to bring more interesting, thought-provoking posts to the site. Think updates analysis, event coverage and more. 
  • PVM Champion – As we expand out into Boss and Slayer guides, it would be nice to have someone working in the team with the level of expertise needed to accurately identify Best in Slot gear for different monsters and situations.

Please note that initially, all new team members would be working on a completely voluntary basis, with the understanding that if you can prove yourself to be a valuable team member, there would be an opportunity to earn money through your work on the site.

If you’re interested in any of the above positions, or if you think there’s something that you could bring to the team I’ve missed – get in touch via email ( or hit me up on twitter (@osrs_bestinslot).

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