OSRS Skotizo Gear Guide And Strategies

Face this demi-boss after completing a full Dark Totem inside the Catacombs of Kourend and using it on the central altar. Skotizo will always drop an Ancient Shard and a Hard Clue Scroll.

Skotizo - Arclight Melee Guide

The general strategy at Skotizo is just to gear for maximum DPS while finding a good balance of melee and magic defence. Skotizo will mostly use melee attacks while you are within melee distance but will sometimes use magic attacks. For this reason, you should pray melee when you’re within melee distance.

Skotizo will periodically activate the Awakened Altars found in the North, South, East and West of the room. For each Altar which is ‘active’, Skotizo will have increased defence. Maxed players might be able to leave all 4 Awakened Altars active and still be able to hit through Skotizo’s defence but if you do not have 90+ stats it is recommended to allow no more than two Altars to be active at one time.

When you’re running around the room to attack the Altar’s, you should switch your prayer to protect from magic to avoid taking damage from Skotizo’s magic attacks.

Skotizo Video Guide