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OSRS Gauntlet and Crystal Gear!

Today marks the day that the coveted elf quest series is finally wrapped up, with the release of the grandmaster quest Song of the Elves.

The Song of the Elves quest brings with it two new PVM experiences in the form of The Gauntlet and Zalcano, and a whole new range of Crystal Gear including new Crystal Armour and a Crystal Blade named the The Blade of Saeldor.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a new solo minigame in Prifddinas, akin to Dungeoneering in Runescape 3, in which you are dropped into a randomly generated dungeon with no gear or items. The goal is to gather and create yourself weapons and armor while fighting off various crystalline monsters within – all leading up to a final boss battle where you face the Crystal Hunllef. Loot from The Gauntlet is generated and claimed in a way similar to Raids 1 and Raids 2, with the new Blade of Saeldor being the most highly desired reward.


Zalcano is a new skilling boss in which players must use their mining, smithing and runecrafting skills to defeat a demon of Zamorak. Zalcano has a chance of dropping a new Crystal Tool Seed which can be used to turn various Dragon tools into degradable, crystal tools.

Check out our new Zalcano Guide for more information on this new skilling boss in old school runescape.

Crystal Gear and the Blade of Saeldor

The Song of the Elves brings into the game some new equipment which fills a gap in the gear table.

The Blade of Saeldor – this new one-handed weapon required level 75 attack to wield, and has higher slash and strength bonuses than the Abyssal Tentacle, making it the new best in slot weapon for slash. The weapon does however degrade and must be recharged with crystal shards once it degrades, which takes around 100 minutes of combat.

Crystal Armour – this new ranged armor set includes a crystal helm, body and legs and when worn, provides a 30% accuracy and 15% damage bonus while using the Crystal Bow.

Over the next few days, expect a new full and detailed guide for The Gauntlet, Zalcano and we’ll also get the new Crystal Armor and Blade of Saeldor added the various tools on our site.

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