OSRS - Old School Runescape Best in Slot Blog

Welcome to the Old School Runescape Best in Slot blog – our new blog where we’re going to be posting information on website updates, on upcoming OSRS patches, detailed gear analysis and meta shifts, boss gear and guides and more!

If you’re an aspiring writer and passionate Runescape player – we’re currently looking for writers. If you’re interested in that – you can tweet me or get in touch via email.

Old School Runescape Bond Giveaway!

Happy Holidays, fellow Runescapers! This holiday season I’ve decided to give back a little, so we’re going to be giving away one Old School Runescape BOND (current value – 3.3m) every day over the holidays for ten days!  The first random winner will be chosen on Thursday 20th December, with one winner being drawn every day […]

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Raids and Challenge Boss Guides

This one took a while, but we finally have complete gear guides for the Old School Runescape Challenges and Raids! This one wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing resources that are the We Do Raids and We Do Raids 2 Discord channels, so if you’re looking to learn to Raid or just looking for a […]

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We’re Hiring!

As we continue to ramp up our efforts here and improve all aspects of the site, it’s become clear that we could definitely use some help in keeping things going. I think it’s important for a website going forward that it has the right team behind it – a team that is passionate about the […]

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Wilderness Boss Guides

Hello! It’s that time again and I’m back with my 3rd instalment of boss guides. This time it’s the Wilderness Bosses! Wilderness Best in Slot Guides This set of guides covers all of the bosses to be found within the wilderness in Gielinor. The Chaos Fanatic The Crazy Archaeologist Callisto Venenatis Vet’ion Scorpia Chaos Elemental […]

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Dagannoth Kings Boss Guides

Hey! I managed to spend some time this week adding some more Boss Guides and this time it’s the Dagannoth Kings! An iconic set of bosses in Old School Runescape – The Dagannoth Kings are still a popular choice today for a variety of different reasons.  Dagannoth Kings Best in Slot Guides This set of […]

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Best Accessories for Old School Runescape Mobile

With the mobile release of Old School Runescape on Android and iOS just around the corner, a lot of users are going to be searching for mobile accessories to help them get the most out of the mobile runescape experience.  In the initial rounds of beta testing, it became clear that Old School Runescape on […]

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Slayer Boss Guides

Hey everyone! Continuing on from this post where I discussed my future plans for the site, today I finished up adding the last of the Old School Runescape Slayer Boss Guides to the site.  Slayer Boss Best in Slot Guides So this set of guides covers all the bosses in Old School Runescape that have […]

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Best in Slot Boss Guides

Hi everyone! It’s been about a month now since I launched the new site and I though it was time to give you all a small update on what I’ve been up to. My main focus for the next few months is going to be adding best in slot Boss and Slayer guides. This is […]

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Introducing the Best in Slot Blog!

Hi everyone! I’ve been working hard for the last few weeks on some major site upgrades which have been long overdue, and I thought I would document them here so you can see exactly what’s changed and what the plan is going forward. I built and launched this site less than two years ago as […]

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