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Best in Slot Boss Guides

Hi everyone!

It’s been about a month now since I launched the new site and I though it was time to give you all a small update on what I’ve been up to. My main focus for the next few months is going to be adding best in slot Boss and Slayer guides. This is a slow and painstaking process of collecting information from all over the web and collating it here on the site, but I’m starting to make some progress.

God Wars Dungeon Best in Slot Guides

The set of guides I decided to work on first were the God Wars Dungeon guides, and these are now complete. As God Wars Dungeon is fairly popular with new players and veterans alike, I figured it would be a good starting place to reach a lot of players and hopefully, some players will share feedback through which I can improve the guides going forward. The best in slot gear guides for God Wars Dungeon can be found here:

Next up I’ll likely be working on the solo boss guides, the first of which is already complete:

A Call for Writers

I’m still on the lookout for active writers who are looking to put their writing talents to good use. Whether its boss guides, slayer guides, blog posts, or something else, there’s plenty going on in the Old School Runescape world that’s worth writing about and I’d like to give writers a platform to do it. If you’re interested, please get in touch on Twitter or shoot me an email.

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